Can You Get A Tattoo After A Tattoo Removal?

Many people often feel the need to eliminate a tattoo that may have lost its meaning, or is just something they don’t want to display on their bodies anymore. Luckily, tattoo removal makes it possible to eliminate most tattoos, and is a relatively simple process. However, what about if you’ve had tattoos removed, but then you want to get a new one on the same area. The simple answer is that it is possible, but there are things you need to know first.

Understand what laser tattoo removal is

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective and reliable way to fade and completely remove permanent tattoos. In general, it generally takes anywhere between three to 12sessions at a reputable clinic or health centre.

The removal process involves breaking down the tattoo pigments underneath your skin so it can be excreted by your body.

The more treatments you have, the more the tattoo pigments are broken down. Normally the process involves treatment with laser technology.

Now, can you get a tattoo in its place?

Yes, however, a minimum of six to eight weeks of healing time after the removal is recommended before you go for your next tattoo session. Seeing as the removal involves agitating the tattoo pigment with a laser, there should be no signs of blistering or bleeding before you start with your new tattoo.

However, even small scar tissue can pose a few complexities for your tattooist. If the skin surface is uneven, the ink will not distribute itself in the same manner. This is why it’s crucial to find a skilled tattooist, and follow the advice of your tattoo removal specialist before booking your session.

Bear in mind scar tissue rests on your nerve endings, which means tattoos performed on scar tissueisfar more painful than the first time. Once your tattooist completes the project, you’ll want to follow all of their aftercare instructions properly to ensure a good tattoo result.

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