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Sunburn is a big risk in the summer. You know the rules: seek the shade, wear protective clothing, and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (with an SPF of at least 30). But sunburn isn’t the only summer skin problem.

Plant-related rashes

Many people are allergic to urushiol, an oil found in poison ivy and poison oak. Exposure occurs when you touch the plant directly, maybe while gardening, or indirectly, by touching an object that’s picked up the oil (like a shoe). You can spread the oil wherever you touch your body until the oil is washed off. Two to 10 days later, the affected skin develops a red, itchy, blistering, oozing rash.

Prickly heat

When you perspire a lot, your clothing or even the material of a chair you’re sitting on can block some of the openings in your skin that allow sweat to escape. This causes the ducts that carry sweat to the skin to become inflamed, creating a rash of small itchy bumps wherever the material touches you. It’s called prickly heat, because you feel a prickly sensation as the bumps burst and sweat is released.

As much as we all love sunshine and summery dresses, we don’t think that this weather has the same affinity for us.

To be honest, we think it kind of despises us.

While we are slapping calamine lotions for some relief on these itchy bumps, let us briefly jot down something for you guys, so that you don’t itch the summer away. 

Sun Rash – When the sun literally hates you

Do you suddenly develop itchy red rash when you step outside and that leaves you wondering may be something in the air is wrong. It indeed is. If exposure to the sun triggers an itch (usually on the front of neck and arms) you have photo dermatitis.

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