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Winters are here and so is the time of dull, dry and pale skin – all thanks to this cold weather. The situation worsens as we enjoy all the winter ‘comforts’ like heaters and blowers, being out in the sun and bathing with hot water. An overall lack of external and internal nourishment can all lead to itchiness, dry and parched skin and usually unhappy looking skin. So, it is time to take extra care of our skin and follow basic routines to keep our skin glowing even in this chilly weather. A little effort and time can go a long way in getting soft, healthy skin.

Moisturise Your Skin

Moisturising is one of the most important steps that one must do to have a glowing skin in winters. It helps in keeping our skin hydrated and makes sure that the skin does not lose its natural oil. You can choose a plethora of natural moisturisers like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, buttermilk, cucumbers.

Stay Hydrated

Be it inside your home or outside, the air is drier in winter. And as a result, water evaporates from your body easily. Hence, you need to keep your skin hydrated. You can also install a humidifier to manage the moisture level in your home. This will certainly keep your skin happy.

Drink Water Regularly

During winters, we tend to avoid drink water as we feel less dehydrated; however, we lose water from our body in so many ways without realising. Therefore, it is imperative to load up on water even during cold winter days. Refill your system with water and get a glowing skin without having to worry about dullness anymore.

Do Not Wear Wet Clothes For Too Long

This will irritate your skin further and reason itchiness. Walking and playing in the snow is fine, but make sure you remove the wet socks, pants, and gloves as soon as possible.

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